Filter Your Froyo: #MyBerryAustin ACL-style

We love hashtag love

At Berry Austin we’re all about being green, creative, and taking pictures of our froyo. We’ve always loved seeing, re-tweeting, and commenting on your pics when y’all check in, tag us, or use #BerryAustin. (Confession: our smile is a smidge brighter when cute kids are involved or our hashtag is also paired with #nomnom #awesome or something to the effect of #austinisthebestplaceonearth).

It absolutely makes our day when people come in and get excited about our decor or froyo and start taking pictures to share with friends or for future DIY references. So anyway, we’ve decided to give back to the people who send us so much hashtag love. Each week (for the foreseeable¬†future) we’re going to give out $10 Berry Austin gift cards to people who post creative pics using¬†#MyBerryAustin.¬†

Feel free to tweet it, Instagram it, or make it a public post on our Facebook page.

We’ll post the winners on our blog!

Congratulations to our first winner, @jrockya!

$10 Berry Austin Gift Cards given out every week for creative pics. Submit by using #MyBerryAustin!