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Berry Austin was founded by Kathy Steele with the encouragement and support of her family and friends.

While visiting her father in California who was undergoing chemotherapy, Kathy discovered that frozen yogurt with live/active cultures and healthy probiotics was not only something her father could eat during his treatments, but one he thoroughly enjoyed. Kathy developed a healthy addiction to frozen yogurt during her visit and returned to Austin excited about this new culinary find. Alas, at the time, there was no frozen yogurt to be found in Austin.

After spending a year experimenting with yogurt recipes, using family and friends as guinea pigs, Kathy decided to create her own yogurt business from the ground up – but with a uniquely Austin spin. This allows Berry Austin to be easily differentiated from the other yogurt franchises that have begun to open in the area.

Kathy combined her background in art, passion for recycling, love of everything Austin, and a new found addiction to frozen yogurt, all together. The result is the flagship Berry Austin which opened in central Austin on a snow day in December 2009, to the delight and support of local Austinites.

It was important to Kathy to create not only a place that serves delicious frozen yogurt, but also a fun, comfortable space that invites interactive play, encourages creative recycling, and offers great customer service. With ten flavors of self-serve frozen yogurt and over fifty toppings, there are an unlimited number of combinations. Delicious smoothies, fresh yogurt parfaits, floats and other treats round out the menu.

With the requests and encouragement from customers to expand, the second Berry Austin opened in downtown Austin. It is located right next door to  “Second Bar + Kitchen” and “Congress” restaurants where her husband, Jeff Trigger, is managing partner. One positive outcome of owning neighboring businesses is that it allows Kathy and Jeff to occasionally see each other.

Berry Austin 2go officially opened on March 18, 2011 on what would have been the 80th birthday of Kathy’s father. He is the inspiration behind the Berry Austin dream.

Our Story

“A Berry Austin Story” (2012) – A story about a local Austin frozen yogurt establishment and the family that brought it to life.